Logistic and Transportation

The connectivity of the global trade heavily depends upon Logistic and Transportation. The expansion and complexity of business in the global market place demands for an effective ecosystem wherein regulatory compliances play the most significant role.

Our goal is to provide end to end solution to the manufacturers, shippers, carriers, distributors, third party logistic providers, dealers and similar entities in terms of seamless cross border goods transportation (both domestic and international via Land, Air and Sea) by efficiently outlining the potential risks and liabilities involved, and providing an interdisciplinary approach to protect the entity and business interests. We formulate advisory based on comprehensive research and understanding of the current domestic and global regulatory laws pertaining to smooth flow of goods within and outside the borders. This includes Logistics Laws, International Sale of Goods, Insurance Protection, Cargo Security and Accidents, Supply Chain Management, Employment and Labour, Environment Assessments, Taxation and Finances. We provide assistance with drafting of Service Contracts and Essential Agreements along with a concrete Pre-Litigation Advisory and Dispute Resolution.