E-Commerce And Retail

With the exponential rise in the market share, E-Commerce is paving way to the domestic and global B2C platform. We at Common Law Chambers comprehend the need of shift from traditional to modern and assist the business platforms at every stage of their planning with firm regulatory compliances backing their digital growth. We have advised early drivers of platform driven e-business and assist the companies in solidifying their legal structures pertaining to e-commerce guidelines issued by central and state authorities including deep analysis of FDI policies. Regulations pertaining to digital payments (NCPI and RBI guidelines), Information Technology and Data Protection (GDPR compliances), Consumer protection law, IP and Labor laws, Labelling and Packaging, Terms and Disclaimers, framing policies on sales, refund and return, shipping and export and FEMA guidelines.

In addition to this, the firm focuses on the current market trend and aligns itself with such demands such as conducting market research on brand perception, formulating company guidelines on marketing and advertising standards (including social media campaigns) by deeply analyzing the laws and its potential risk implications, advising and drafting water tight contracts between various stakeholders, pre-litigation advisory and comprehensive dispute resolution assistance.

Today Brand value, its recognition and demand has led to a surge in the retail industry in India. While the consumers have seen the presence of many prestigious brands in the domestic market, the growth of global brands in the Indian subcontinent has grown tremendously inviting foreign companies to expand in the Indian market. As on 2023, the retail industry contributes $1.3 trillion to the total GDP. We at Common Law Chambers recognize the government’s goal of ease of doing business in India for domestic and foreign entities and are here to assist in central and state regulatory compliances for the diverse retail sector (including various segments like FMCG, Luxury Goods, Fashion and Electronics). Our advisory includes setting up businesses in India, Intellectual Property, Cross-border transactions (Corporate/M&A), finances (cost analysis and taxation), data protection and privacy, conduct risk assessments for potential market, draft essential contracts for manufacturers, suppliers, retailers (including identifying, channelizing and formulating agreements pertaining to the distribution channel in the Indian and South Asian markets), assist in addressing and formulating comprehensive labor and employment policies and agreements, conduct compliance check for seamless supply chain management, logistics and transportation, export and import, customs regulations, packaging, labelling, marketing and advertising guidelines (including social media, tv commercials, offline campaigns and e-commerce platforms) as today the retail sector is evolving with the blend of technology. Our dispute resolution team is adept to handle commercial disputes with promptness and efficiency.